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Our state pillar is Iowa Donor Network. Caleb's organs, corneas, and tissue were donated and he continues to live on by giving others a new lease on life. In his memory, we wish to contribute time and resources to IDN. Brigham and Jenelle, Caleb’s parents, will be volunteering as public speakers and donation advocates from the viewpoint of a donor family. 

Our national pillar is benefiting and supporting families dealing with the aftermath of sudden child death. In a freshly torn apart world, Caleb’s family learned all too well, you just need a break. We offer a chance to breathe, reconnect, and navigate the new normal in a space where you can breathe. Therefore, we'd love to afford families left behind the opportunity to get away.  A vacation is healing and so very cathartic for these families left behind after the sudden death of a child. There is no organization to fill this need, so we need to fill it. 

Please, help us keep Caleb shining bright through this good work!

Caleb’s Alive In Me

When Caleb Shamrell died suddenly after a tonsillectomy, his family knew the only way to make sense of his untimely death was to make as much good come from it as possible. With your help, no matter how big or small, amazing things will happen!

We are AIMing to shine a light in dark places. We have three "pillars" we'd like to use to achieve this. Our local pillar is our children's AAA, arts/academics/athletics. We will be giving back to the community that has been so supportive through this difficult time by honoring Caleb's eclectic interests through funding and scholarships for local programs for youth. 



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